ALL resources for 2018-2019 nominees will be added the the Padlet Wall throughout the year!

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Resources for 2017-2018 Nominees year.

Scoring Packets for Grades K-1
Scoring Packets for Grades 2-3

Post your ideas and suggestions for book extensions on the Padlet wall.  We love seeing how you expand the read aloud and text analysis with students.

Resources for 2016-2017 Nominees

Additional Instructional Resources are shared during the spring via email to all registrants!  AND posted below or on a Padlet Wall.

K-3 Printable Scoring Sheets for each title
Printable bookmarks
Battle of the Books Lines of Text
This is an alternative to paper scoring sheets or using Google Slides for scoring sheets for each book title during the evaluating phase. You could use Google Forms for students to score/evaluate each book.   How see note below.
Students would needs to make a copy of this form since they would each have their own form with the results on their own spreadsheet.  I did it this way last year with grade 3.
Twitter Handles
Click the image below to hear how I use this note-taking response sheet with K-3.
Great posters to promote current and past nominees.  Also sticker labels to put on books!
Extend even further by having your students post their "wowser" facts on Flipgrid  or a Padlet wall and share with other classes or schools.
Slideshow to kick off week #2 (A Piece of Cake)
Slideshow to kick off week #1 (I'm Trying to Love Spiders)

Week #4 Intro to Nominee #4 Hippos are Huge)

Week #3 Intro and supplemental (Wild About Us)

KWL with collaborative classes to streamline activity within time constraints.

Click the image below to hear how I use this KWL with grades K-2.

Week #6 Intro to Nominee #5  Jackrabbit McCabe and The Electric Telepgraph

To support JACKRABBIT MCCABE: Use the above Google Draw Doc as an interactive sorting activity to look  how information was/is shared/delivered then versus now.  Or print the images from the slideshow to the right and have small groups engage in a paper sorting of the images. Could use as pre-reading or post reading activity or a center activity.

Week #8 What to Do with an Idea?

Week #7


FOR 2015-2016 NOMINEES

Use the ThingLink interactive image below to access book trailers, author websites, and extensive lesson plans. (Please note: Resources are being added through 10/31/15.)